What is this Latouch thing?

We are a monthly subscription service to vinyl boxes, curated by the best shops and experts around the world.

Who is this for?

We want to make physical music more accessible. So no matter if you are a hardcore digger, collecting records since you were 12 or if you are just starting a vinyl collection, Latouch is the best way to put your hands on unique and timeless records.

What do I get from it?

Because each genre and shop has its own history, rules and formats, we are offering a combination of EP/LP (think single vs. album) vinyl boxes. The price will vary between 25€ and 45€ based on these criteria as well as quantity.

How does it work?

We simply want to help you build or grow your vinyl collection and music culture. Every month you will receive a selection from your favourite shops and experts. And because we understand mood and tastes are here to change, you can start with a disco/funk selection from a shop in Paris and switch to a indie/rock box from London in a few months!

How often?

We will be sending your boxes once per month to give you enough time to enjoy and share your vinyls but also to give us enough time to source the best music from everywhere in the world!

What about shipping?

We all hate shipping rates. So we are working hard to find cheap yet reliable carriers and shipping solutions. As we grow, we will manage to negotiate better rates and will lower our fees, but at the moment shopping is 5 euros.

Subscription and payment?

Building a record collection is like building a relationship. It takes time to build trust and we need to deserve it. So you will never be tied in any contract or obligation. You stay with us as long as you want and will be billed at a pace of your choice : every 1, 3 or 6 months.

What if I want to change

What if I want to stop or change my subscription or update my information ?
You will be able to manage your orders, subscription, payments and others perks in your Latouch account, available here.

Do you guys accept returns?

Like any other European online retailers, we accept returns 14 days after delivery of your order. However, the box and records must be sealed in their original packaging and sent at your own costs. In the very small (if not impossible) chance of you already having the vinyl you received, you can offer it to your dad, stepmom or enemy, and become a true music prescriber yourself!

Have an other question?
Drop us a line at info@latou.ch