Weekly Pick : JMSN



Revival of the 90’s/early noughties joyous Ooh yeah yeah yeah kind of R’n’ B comes forth in Mr. Christian Berishaj from East Detroit, Michigan (but LA Based) under the name of JMSN (pronounced Jameson).

With the mixture of strong neo-soul productions emotive yet catchy lyrics and smooth-as-can-be harmonies it’s hard to deny that JMSN’s music is the perfect cherry to top an everyday or evening playlist. Not only is he a known for being a tasteful producer, but also as a visual artist, as all singles released are accompanied with visuals that resemble those that might belong in a low-key yet conceptual presentation downtown.

Note that every studio album he has released (under his own record label White Room Records): Priscilla (2012) JMSN (Blue Album) (2014) It Is. (2016)

His distinct visuals, production and his renowned live-performances showcase the growth, confidence and maturity in skill and talent that he has rapidly but surely acquired over the years on his own and with major collaborations as big as Kendrick Lamar, especially in his latest aforementioned release.

In It Is. JMSN blends his mesmerizing melodies with hugely uplifting (sometimes even cheesy, but it always meets his aesthetic) counterparts to his sound.  Bursting with diversity and range, the album paints and captures the essence eclecticism of what it can be to produce within the ever-growing genre of soul and R’n’B.   

JMSN is currently on his second ever-major European tour stopping off in the big cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and London between the months of October and November for the 3rd studio album It Is.


 Be sure to check out his Soundcloud and Facebook page for more info on the artist