My first turntable by


Buying your first turntable is tricky. “Lost you will get” looking at the different price ranges or the additional equipment needed like external speakers, amplifiers (amps) and needles… but don’t worry too much! Our friends at are there with tips and tricks to point you in the right direction!

1- Focus on the music you like

First, look at your record collection and the kind of music you prefer. You won’t be looking at the same music restitution for rock, jazz or classic. Some turntables are said to be “musical” and fit better with Rock music, others will be more neutral and some others will bring a lot more details and definition, which is important when you listen to classical music for example.

2- Budget vs features

Of course you need to set yourself a budget. There is pretty much all price ranges out there but with analog the investment must be rational and you might want to favour the quality and the brand over choosing the product only because it is cheap.

The price will also vary depending on the features you are looking for: automatic or manual shifting (33t / 45t), potential upgrades available, mp3 digitization system included, etc. The quality of the materials used and the technology associated will also make the price go up or down. E.g. a carbon arm will be more expensive than if it was made ​​of aluminium. Though, carbon offers a much better sound restitution because it limits vibrations.

3 - The essential equipment

For audiophile turntables to work you need several essential elements. First is the needle, some high-end turntables do not provide it! A phono preamp and amp or amp with a phono input will be essential if you want to hear your vinyl properly. Finally a pair of audiophile speakers, cables between amp and speakers and you'll be all set to enjoy your music. Be sure to check the compatibility of your equipment before you decide which turntable you want to go for!

3 bis - Seek advises from experts

If you are still unsure which one is the best for you and need to speak to someone, please get in touch with Experts will be able to check the compatibility of your equipment altogether, validate your choice based on your listening criteria etc. is an online store dedicated to turntables and accessories. It is THE specialist in France and Europe. Its motto: the best advice, the best service, the best products. Do not hesitate to consult its pages and videos!