Chez Emile - Lyon


Let make things clear: We really do like Paris but it is not the only city in France where you can find good music and quality record shops! In Lyon, we met Léo who opened “Chez Emile” over two years ago. The 24 year old has managed to make his shop THE main crossroad for the new generation of artists and diggers in the city.

It is amazing to see the number of people going around the shop having a coffee and chatting like a big bunch of friends would if they were at home. Some of them didn’t know each other a week before and that is exactly what Leo wanted his shop to look like… “A place to live and to meet”

Now, this shop is also famous for its refined and meticulous selection. Leo and his team come from an electronic music background and can easily elaborate on every single record they got in stock. The “Emile dit:” note on every record is also very useful for non-experts as it gives a bit more color on what you are listening to. We found the Biomix DJ Steef Edits Vol.7 that I can’t stop playing as well as a great Multifunkshun.

Thanks Leo!


General Info:

4 rue Constantine
69001 Lyon
+33(0)4 78 28 02 68