Sister Ray - London


More than a Record Shop, Sister Ray is a real institution in London. Located on Berwick Street (Soho) for over 30 years, Phil and his team were in the frond seat to observe the industry’s mutation from Vinyl to CDs, CDs to MP3, MP3 to streaming services and for a few years now streaming back to Vinyl. They are obviously the first to believe, and we couln’t agree more, that this second love for vinyl will continue to grow with the young generation and the ambiant desire to collect and come back to physical.

Even though the shop moved three times on that same street, the musical universe remains, and as the name can tell, it is based on a strong Rock n Roll influence (“Sister Ray” is a song by The Velvet Underground - 1968). The Clash, The Who, they are pretty much all there. However, Phil might be a massive rock fan, he is, above all, a opened-minded music lover who leaves the door open to many other types of music; and that is probably why Sister Ray went through the years with such success.

Thanks Phil!


General Info:

75 Berwick Street
London, W1F 8RP
+44 20 7734 3297


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