A1 - Manhattan, NYC

We heard about A-One through a few press articles so we were very curious about visiting this other East Village shop specialized in second-hand records. In a pretty crowded atmosphere, something instantly catched our attention. The guy behind the counter was speaking in French and by chance he was the store manager!

Jeremie was only supposed to stay for a summer job at A-One back in 1999 but never left in the end. He is at least as passionate as the people walking around the shop with tons of records in their hands. This is definitely the kind of shop where you see hardcore diggers looking for the golden wax! That makes the place warm and authentic.

We had a great time there and we look forward to come back with a bit more time to spend with the A-1 crew.

Thanks Jeremie


General Info:

439 E 6th Street
New York, NY 10009
Tel: +1(212) 473-2870

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