Souffle Continu - Paris

Souffle Continu was born in 2008 thanks to Théo and Bernard, two very qualified music professionals coming from two different backgrounds (respectively Jazz and Rock). They have done a incredible job for this shop to become the absolute reference for experimental music and they keep defending and promoting the music they like through in-store events and their own record label (Souffle Continu Records).

Clearly, this was a big dive in the unknown for us and I was seriously asking to myself “Who the hell is listening to Harsh Noise or Krautrock?”. All music genre have a genealogy and a specific history and this is why, once again, the human expertise is so important. You need someone to guide you to genre you might feel closer to and slowly start from there. 

Max and I were hanging arourd the shop like if we were in a parallel world when we met Bernard. We spent about an hour with him and he made us have a fresh look at his selection starting with Jazz classics and I have to say this was a very good surprise.

 Thanks messieurs!


General Info:

22 Rue Gerbier
75011, Paris
+33 1 40 24 17 21