L'International Records - Paris

L'International Records - Paris

Dave is the man there!

In his cosy shop two minutes away from Ménilmontant you can find a very eclectic selection of records but always curated with taste. 

"More than a record shop, this place is mainly for people to meet, chat and share their experience" Dave said. This is why lots of artistes and DJs from the Parisian scene are hanging around, talking about their new releases, next shows or last tour which makes the place very friendly and attractive. 

Dave takes good care of you as soon as you go through the door asking what you are after and meticulously suggesting the best he’s got to match your tastes. He actually takes education very seriously as it constitutes a major pillar in his daily job in addition to curation and socialization.

Thanks Dave ! 

General Info:

12 Rue Moret
75011, Paris
+33 9 80 57 12 61