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Weekly Pick : JMSN

    Revival of the 90’s/early noughties joyous Ooh yeah yeah yeah kind of R’n’ B comes forth in Mr. Christian Berishaj from East Detroit, Michigan (but LA Based) under the name of JMSN (pronounced Jameson). With the mixture of strong neo-soul productions emotive yet catchy lyrics and smooth-as-can-be harmonies it’s hard to deny that JMSN’s music is the perfect cherry to top an everyday or evening playlist. Not only is he a known for being a tasteful producer, but also as a visual artist, as all singles released are accompanied with visuals that resemble those that might belong in a low-key yet conceptual presentation downtown. Note that every studio album he has released (under his own record label White...

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Un week-end au Bourget

WEATHER REPORT C’était partagé entre une certaine fébrilité et une grande impatience que l’on attendait cette 4e édition du Weather Festival. Fébrilité, car le soundsystem un peu léger de l’an dernier nous avait laissé perplexe, de même que l’ambiance générale sur les 3 jours. Peur aussi de retrouver le bar et ses prix si élevés. Impatience, car le Weather revenait sur le lieu qui a fait sa renommée : le tarmac du Bourget! La programmation alliant grosses têtes d'affiches et artistes plus pointus a aussi fait monter la pression et finit de nous convaincre d'y passer allègrement notre weekend. Avant d'entrer dans le vive du sujet, petit tour des points de friction liés à l'édition précédente: Si le soundsystem était cette fois...

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HAS LO-FI BECOME A MUSIC GENRE ?Let’s be clear : lo-fi is not a music genre. There is no debate on that point. Lo-fi sound is just en aesthetic, a way toproduce music. In fact, the sound recording is in a lower quality than the usual standard for modern music. In a same time, I think it’s a real protest, nearly a revolution. And now you’re going to tell me : « against what » ? Since the apparition of what we can call « modern music », there has been a race for the best quality. But what’s the point in making music, if it’s not to create an emotion ? Why do we need to make the sound...

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TOUS DIGGER How internet has changed our approach of digging       It’s not a secret : Internet has been created as a space of freedom, a space with no rules, but especially as a space with no boundaries or limits, where everything becomes accessible to everyone. And this where music comes in. Indeed, before Internet, you would visit your local record shop, and dedicate time to it. The approach of music and its research had come to change with this new tool. Arte recently brought out a new documentary show, in 18 episodes : Dig it. One of those episodes particularly striked me : « Tous diggers ». It talks about the new way we « dig », we discover music, brought to us with...

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